New Year ‘s Offer 2020

                                   3 nights + festive dinner -185.00 leva per person.


 * Salad of leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber,marinated mushrooms, corn,feta cheese,roasted pepper mousse with garlic and crunchy brusketa.      

 * Pancake with bolognese sauce baked with Bulgarian cheese,pumpkin velutte sauce and fresh herbs.     

 * Grilled tender pork steak,stuffed chicken filet with cheese  with marinated roasted vegetables,

aromatic sauce and roasted potato, with sour cream and wild onions.       

 * Plate table appetizers       

 * Banitsa with luckyes        

 * 100 ml. rakia or other alcoholic beverage       

 * 1 pc. soft + 1 pcs. mineral water 0.5l.       

 * 1/2 bottle of red wine       

 * Cheesecake  


                                                               One night staying for two 

                                                   dinner + breakfast – BGN 95.00 leva

                                                                                                (the offer is valid from Sunday to Thursday)