Wax Figures Museum on the Balkans

Family hotel Slavic soul-hotel in Veliko Tarnovo Wax Figures Museum on the BalkansThe new multimedia visitor center „Tsarevgrad-Tarnovgrad“, where the museum is located, has been attracting from the very beginning thousands of visitors from home and abroad.

In the museum occupying two floors are recreated scenes from the Bulgarian Middle Ages and especially such  displaying the greatness of the capital Tarnovgrad during the time of the Asen Dynasty (12th -13th century A.D.). Author of the visual concept and the 28 pieces made of special silicone is the sculptor Boris Borisov. Impressive are the figures of Tsar Kaloyan and Tsar Ivan Asen II – two of the greatest Bulgarian rulers.
In the Museum there are four sections. The first presents the royal glory, the second – the warrior’s honor, the third – spirituality, the development of books and icon painting, while the fourth is devoted to the crafts flourishing in the Bulgarian lands at that time.
In addition to the wax figure sculptures the tourists will be able to enjoy the musical background and to see films that will be screened at the museum. The visitors shall be offered also the possibility to take pictures dressed in Bulgarian medieval costumes or to be accompanied by an audio guide in 6 languages while going through the history of the Bulgarian state from that era.
The exhibition building is very well located – right at the foot of the Metropolitan Cathedral Church, offering a beautiful panorama view of Tsarevets (the hill and the fortress) – the place visited by tourists in Veliko Tarnovo most often. The interior of the old municipal building has been transformed by the creators of the Wax Figures Museum in a way allowing the visibly limited space on two levels to accommodate impressive scenes, beginning from the slum housing outside the old city walls at that time and various craft workshops to scenes from the life of the aristocracy and the capture after the battle of Adrianople of Emperor Baldwin, who was leading the Crusaders, by the Bulgarian Tsar Kaloyan and his glittering coronation performed by the Cardinal Envoy of the Pope in the presence of the then Bulgarian Patriarch.Family hotel Slavic soul-hotel in Veliko Tarnovo Wax Figures Museum on the Balkans